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Scene & Heard – Makin’ Steps Performing Arts Showcase

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Scene & Heard“This year’s October Showcase by Makin Steps entitled “Scene & Heard” is taking that next bold leap up in performance stakes by creating a showcase that features musical numbers!!  Yes, the show which has predominantly been focused on acting is stretching it’s wings and will feature performances from our Saturday morning Musical Theatre class, expertly taught by Liz Evans, recreating one of theatre’s best loved numbers, ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ from Annie.


But Scene & Heard doesn’t stop at just that, as our Intermediate Drama class will be performing an edited version of the recent Dolly Parton hit ‘9 to 5 – The Musical’, showing you all what talented students we have here.  There will be songs, a bit of dancing and a great storyline about the employees of Hart Enterprise rising up against the bigoted, cruel boss, Dwayne Hart in a story of female empowerment.


Also featuring in the show this year, with our younger drama students, is a trimmed version of that classic fantasy movie ‘Labyrinth’, originally starring David Bowie as the Goblin King.  We have encapsulated the tale to its core elements but still retaining the magic and humour of Sarah’s journey into the world of talking worms, statues and goblins as she tries to rescue her baby brother from the evil Goblin King. Victoria Hall



All of the students have worked so hard to make this the best showcase to date, and the amount of work put into the show by the teaching staff at Makin Steps will help us achieve this.  So make sure you book your tickets for the 18th October 6.30pm at The Victoria Hall Theatre for the 2014 Performing Arts Showcase!”

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